"Code and Privacy in MTC" I propose to rename this Community!

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Please analyse this idea!

Often new Members, when posting their queries about Microsoft products, they can't properly target ideas – it's worth improving your understanding of the space! 



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Members continue to start the discussion by mis-placing their inquiries! It is worth helping them by a clear and understandable name! There may be other suggestions!

@Eric Starker 

But what would be appropriate in such a situation?
Are you removing it from this place?
Should the Author repeat it in the ideas of the MTC?
How do I behave to comply with Community Policies?

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You're complying fine and I'm not removing anything, but the ideas board is specifically meant for people to post ideas and upvote them. Since you've said to "vote for my idea" I assume you'd want it somewhere where there is a voting mechanism in place.
I would add that today I also saw a not properly placed idea that concerned the product - this was the first topic of the new MTC Member and it is best to provide information with a link to the relevant Community, but this is unfortunate and certainly delays getting a response in the appropriate MTC group