Question about subscription in user profile settings

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I need to know how this option works exactly


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if i select "check all", does it mean that it's gonna mark all of my subscriptions (+1000) or only the 10 subscriptions that is shown in the page (137th page)?


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I would like an option to be able to unsubscribe for example from the last 100/200/300 etc posts

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Okay i risked it anyway, "check all" only marks 10 posts, those that are shown in that page, not all. so in order to delete all of my subscriptions, i have to do this 139 times which is gonna take quite a while with the current load times of the forum.



Sorry I didn't get to this one earlier, unfortunately your correct it does only support the check boxes on each page. Which is really unhelpful.


At this time there is no UI fix available to allow for the 'delete all subscriptions' function. But I could delete all your subscriptions on the back end for you, but it would be awkward to pick and choose.. i.e. I could delete all or none.


I know this feature has been asked for before from our vendor but as yet its not been implemented. I will give it a nudge again for you. 

Oh it's alright, I managed to get it down to 600 from 1300, doing that resumed my notifications emails that I should receive from the topics I had subscribed to.
please correct me if i'm wrong but I think being subscribed to too many active topics creates problem for the system and makes it miss some push/email notifications and also randomly unsubscribes me from some topics.



No it shouldn't matter BUT we have had a few problems lately, some are still ongoing, which maybe affecting the system.


The site uses a system called Elastic Search which has been having some issues, when it breaks it affects allot of things, however, the most visible is 'Too many searches, please try again in a minute' errors.


We have turned it back off again yesterday but it may mean notifications, subscriptions may not work correctly until we get Elastic search fixed. Also happy to let you know when we do that. 





Oh i think i found it:
well hope everything will be back up and running soon
I won't be removing any more subscriptions from my profile then