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I would like to know if there a list of available user ranks that appear on our profile here on the tech community and what they mean or what is required to get them.


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Our ranking system is designed to reward users for a variety of behaviors in the community. This naturally leads to significant complexity which would not be a simple matter to explain. It is based around some core tenets:
  • Logins
  • Views
  • Like
  • Number of posts
  • Best Solutions
  • length of time a user has been a member
  • special ranks given to special groups like employees or MVPs

Thank you for your reply!

Which are the names of the available normal ranks?

@Eric Starker 

@FlorianKurrle I think you meant to tag me and not Eric Strong, but here are the user ranks.


Honored Contributor

Esteemed Contributor

Respected Contributor

Trusted Contributor

Valued Contributor

Super Contributor

Regular Contributor

Frequent Contributor


Occasional Contributor

New Contributor

Senior Member

Established Member

Regular Visitor

Frequent Visitor


Occasional Visitor

New Member


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