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This question is to the Microsoft team, I keep getting constant notifications as soon as I post or contribute knowledge in a discussion thread or like some posts. Do these badge in our profile serve some purpose once we became a active contributor.

Does Microsoft provide some certificate once we reach to the top level rank in contributions. Please let me know. Thanks.

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@Bijay305 Hello! It serves to show your progress in the community, but we do not provide any sort of certificate. That said, the initial badges do slow down and will only show up later based on contributions and time spent in the community.


Don't worry, at the beginning you will be receiving a lot of badges like 1 post, 2 posts, etc, 1 reply,  3 replies, etc, don't remember which ones exactly.

And after some level it'll be practically no more disturbing badges.

@Sergei Baklanthanks. While we are contributing our knowledge in these discussion forums Microsoft should give us some Community contributor sort of certificate badges. It keeps us motivated. 


Helping others should be all the motivation one needs.

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There is no one here who doesn't contribute the knowledge. One who asks contributes the knowledge about practical cases otherwise we could never know about. One who answers contributes the knowledge about possible solution which could be new for us even if we know other solutions. That's win-win situation and we may only thank Microsoft for providing such platform for sharing the knowledge. Of course, Microsoft also wins. But that doesn't mean we shall provide to each other different certificates and fight for badges. IMHO, wasting of time. If that's the purpose there are many other resources, includes different kind of exams, to achieve recognition, and with adequate and understandable criteria of it.