The Tech Community, Your Data and GDPR
Published May 24 2018 05:32 PM 2,203 Views
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We are pleased to announce we have made some new features available to you to to allow you to better manage your data, privacy, and account here on the Microsoft Tech Community. We have published full details on these features in the Data Privacy Compliance post.


Here at the Microsoft Tech Community you can login with either your Microsoft Account or your Office 365 Azure Active Directory (O365 AAD) account. If you login with your Microsoft Account you can request to delete or extract your personal data from your Microsoft Account from the Microsoft Account Privacy Portal .


If you login with an O365 AAD account only your account administrator (likely your IT executive or IT admin) can request for the data to be deleted or extracted via the Office 365 Portal.


What happens when I request my account to be deleted?


When you delete either of these accounts, your account on the Microsoft Tech Community will be deleted as well. This will remove all personal information, signatures and profile pictures that you have provided to us however it will not delete your posts, the posts will be anonymized.


Please note: Deleting your account in this fashion will delete your entire account across all Microsoft products and services.


Delete or Extract only your Microsoft Tech Community Account


We recognize that some users may wish to extract only the information contained within the Microsoft Tech Community or delete only their Microsoft Tech Community account without effecting all Microsoft services that you use your account for.


For additional information please see the Data Privacy Compliance post.

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