Unable to make video call Behind Proxy on Linux Version

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Hi, I need little help.

When my computer is connected on company network, I try the make a call behind proxy on Teams Linux Version don't not work, but when I try in Chorme it work.


I not found it proxy configuration on App Teams for linux, or another way to set the proxy.


Can you help me please? Thanks


My linux version is:

4.15.0-74-generic #84-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 19 08:06:28 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

18.04.3 LTS


My Team version is:

You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit).

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@marcusfloriano Thanks for reaching out to us. We are looking into this.

Hi, this is kind of important for orgs with linux who would like to use teams. Which channel is best to raise visibility/track progress for this issue?


This seems to be still an issue.

Have to work with Teams in my company but can't. Tested with two different proxies (one with auth one whithout). Without Proxy outside the company VPN with the same device it works.



  1. in company VPN with enabled proxy
  2. freshly installed .deb package version teams_1.3.00.5153_amd64
  3. started the app
  4. logged in
  5. authenticated on proxy
  6. text chat works
  7. video call -> We couldn't connect you
  8. voice call -> We couldn't connect you

System informations:

  • Ubuntu 19.10
  • Gnome 3.34.2
  • teams_1.3.00.5153_amd64

I can confirm the same problem here.  Our company is behind a VPN in addition to a HTTP proxy.

  • When not connected to the VPN and directly on the internet, Teams calls work correctly in both Chrome and the desktop client.
  • When I'm on the VPN and behind a corporate proxy, Teams calls work correctly in Chrome but NOT on the desktop client.  The error message is "Sorry, we couldn't connect you"

Both scenarios work correctly on Windows 10.


I can see that Teams uses UDP while making the calls.  Running a tcpdump, I could see the traffic going through with Chrome but saw no traffic at all with the desktop client.


I've resorted to using Teams in Chrome but it's not ideal as some features (e.g. test calls) are missing from the web version.


I've tested this on many Linux varieties (but most notably the latest few releases of Ubuntu and Fedora).  I've always used the very latest version of the Teams client.


My current test environment which fails is: Ubuntu 20.04 with Teams


Pretty please Microsoft friends, help us out! :)


For me it worked out if I set the http_proxy variable and then start teams with teams --proxy-auto-detect. This is working with Teams Version (64 bit) at least on my side.

@hdesk Thank you so much!  I just tried the latest version and everything worked perfectly without adding any extra CLI parameters!  It appears that maybe this has been fixed!!! :)

Glad to hear. On my side starting the app without the proxy won't work. Defining the proxy with --proxy-server won't work either. But this is maybe related to the network itself.

Ah interesting.  Well in case it helps, this is exactly how I've configured my proxy on my Linux system.  I'm using GNOME on Fedora 32.


Under Setting / Network / Network Proxy, I have my system set to Automatic as we have an auto-configuration script on our VPN.


In addition, for internet traffic, I set the proxy systemwide via a script in /etc/profile.d like so:




export http_proxy='http://localhost:8080'
export https_proxy='http://localhost:8080'
export ftp_proxy='http://localhost:8080'


I use localhost as I'm relaying my proxy via CNTLM.


Hope this helps!