Teams Registration presence not displaying 'Offline'

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We're using the Microsoft Graph API for some Teams presence checks and alerting for registrations going 'Offline'.

This works fine is doing a planned reboot of a system (software client or Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) device), the presence status shows 'Offline'. The point of the alerting is to know when that change of presence/availability happens unexpectedly. 

Let's take the example of a Teams Room device where the network cable is unplugged. I'd expect to see the presence of that user turn quickly to 'Offline'. It doesn't! Instead it sits at 'Away'. I've tested this using different users with an MTR (network cable removed, license is 'MTR Standard') and software login on iPadOS (application force closed).

This is really odd default behaviour and at the time of writing this is 2 hours later and both registrations shows as 'Away' still. You'd think that after (at most) 15 minutes the status would change to 'Offline'.

Can this be behaviour be changed? Or is this a bug? Any ideas?

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