Teams Chat: add reply button or selective reply just like Whatsapp.

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Hello gents,
  would it be possible to add the reply button to the chats in Teams just like in the Teams channels. It would be easier then to reply to a previous statement when the chat grows and get bigger with lots of statements and perhaps you need to reply to an older one. 
Something like Whatsapp, where you can select the statement and reply to that one only. That would become a huge enhancement within company that are largely using Teams.

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@Rodrigo Sebastian He is talking about "Channels", that has reply function. We are asking about "Chat" that does not have Reply function on Desktop PC, but has it on mobile APPS.

Exactly, this feature (reply in a chat on the desktop cliente) is not yet available :(
I have the answer for some of you, but it's not as easy as we would like, try the following:

Copy the message you want to reply to.
Press Shift + >. ( something will change in the text editor )
Paste the message.
Double enter and the start typing symbol will move to the next line.
that is true, it’s posible copy the menssage and paste it indented. good workaround.
For copy all the message you can press CTRL + Left click to select it all and CTRL+C to copy. then paste it with the acaaguirre’s considerations

Any ETA? when this feature will be available on Teams desktop client 

Waiting for this as well... Its awesome how long it is taking to be implemented.. @Limson Louise 

sometime i can see the reply button, sometime not. Didn't see any setting in Team that controls this. funny experience. same goes to 1:1 chat too. mobile app has this but missing on desktop app. No idea why ms is doing.@lrodrigues 

@DarioPad Do we have this feature already ??


I can see only in Group conversation.. But individual chats - My desktop version is not showing reply to a older conversations... Where as the other person whom i am chatting to is able to reply individually to one of my specific earlier converstaion!! 

Same here; even I was wondering why I cannot reply to individual chats but others can and if this feature has already been rolled out to some users.

@Somdotta maybe your friend used mobile apps Teams  so they can reply in private chat or when you're using Desktop Teams you can block the comment, click Ctrl+C, in Type new message field click Format icon,  paste/Ctrl+V the comment that already copy,  Click Quote, Click Enter to reply the comment

@Rodrigo Sebastian 
On PC you only have this option on "Teams", not available on private chats yet...
it's already implemented in Android and iOS, why not in windows version?



This feature is available in the Mobile application version. 


Hi@Rodrigo Sebastian the feature is working fine only on teams channel, but is yet to be implemented on direct chat. I hope this feature is made available instead of making user to install some third party addon like "Quote master".

You can replay on mobile by swiping right, but not on desktop as I know of @DarioPad 

On mobile you can swipe right

It would be great if this feature could be also added to the Desktop version. We all work on laptop mostly and MS Teams is an essential collaborative tool. As I see it, the chat reply feature in a mobile device should have been considered a nice-to-have whereas the same feature for a Desktop version should be a "must-have". 


@Rodrigo Sebastian 


Estamos hablando de contestar mensajes a través del chat (tipo Whatsapp), más no de un mensaje en el Canal de un Team.



Pueden votar para que Microsoft añada esta función en Teams de Escritorio en el siguiente URL: