Teams Chat: add reply button or selective reply just like Whatsapp.

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Hello gents,
  would it be possible to add the reply button to the chats in Teams just like in the Teams channels. It would be easier then to reply to a previous statement when the chat grows and get bigger with lots of statements and perhaps you need to reply to an older one. 
Something like Whatsapp, where you can select the statement and reply to that one only. That would become a huge enhancement within company that are largely using Teams.

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Hi @DarioPad,

There is a uservoice currently open for this here

Would recommend you vote for it. It's not been picked up by Microsoft yet, however the more votes the more likely they will. You could also consider bringing up this feature request at the next Teams AMA or raising it on social (I.e. Twitter @MicrosoftTeams)

Hope that answers your question. Would be good to see this functionality soon.

Best, Chris
didn't know about Uservoice. :)


You can use Quote Master app ( for quoting specific messages.

The Quote Master app is now published to Microsoft App Source:


it seems like there are tons of them already opened by different users.... :(

if they would count as one, it would have been taken into consideration already as next improvement by the dev team... :)

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi guys,

To note - forgot to say yesterday - you can now do this on IOS mobile with the release of version 1.0.68 (latest)

As Teams typically has feature parity across mobile, web and desktop clients then I am sure it will follow in the other clients. May be a reason to use the mobile client for private chat, and a workaround whilst it is introduced in the other clients

Hope that helps!

Best, Chris

Thaks @Christopher Hoard 

That is a good news for me. I just tried it and it works very well



Hi @Christopher Hoard 


Any idea by when we can see it for Windows Desktop app too? It's so convenient and helpful to have. We have it under mobile app just not on windows desktop OS that's very surprising.




@Christopher Hoard Hi Chris - I must be missing something, I have 1.077 of Teams on IOS and I don't see the ability to be able to reply to a previous reply like you can in WhatsApp which is how I understood the original request?

Hi James. When you participate in a group chat, you can press and hold in a message and see a context menu where you can reply a message.

Thanks Rodrigo @Rodrigo Sebastian 


OK now I see it in Group chat.  I was hoping to see it in a Team Channel, which is essentially a group Chat.  Hopefully this will be added!   Might start using group chats instead of channels for some stuff because this is a really nice feature!


Thanks again.

@James Stratton Hi.

When you want to reply in a Channel, you can use reply Botton. ;)


Is this only available on mobile? Can't find the option on desktop (macOS,

@aregalio Hi.

This feature is available on macOS, Windows and Web. Today I'm using it in macOS


@Rodrigo Sebastian I can see it and in fact I've used it in channels, but I can't find the option to reply to a message on a private group chat when using desktop app. Could you provide guidance please? On mobile (iOS) the reply option appears when pressing and holding the message you want to reply, even on a private group chat.

@aregalio Hi.

Exactly, this feature (reply in a chat on the desktop cliente) is not yet available :(