Teams App - Get called when a user sends a message with a card created by search extension or unfurl

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We have implemented a Teams App which has a search extension and an unfurl action. We do not have a conversational bot implemented.
With both (search extension and unfurl action) we create a card which can be posted by the user in a message.

What I want to know is that is there any possiblity to get called when the user posts that message containing our card? The purpose would be to track in which channels the content created by our Teams App would be posted to.
And if that is possible, I want to know how to create a permanent/deep link to the channel the message was posted to.

Tracking this when the content is created is not the correct place as the user may cancel posting the content, and in a search extension I could not find a way even to be called when the user picks one of the search results.

Ideally whe would be called with the content of a message whenever a user who has installed our App posts a message to any channel, but this seems not to be possible for now, as I read there:


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@dominikhoelzl , Currently Bot receives an event only when it is @mentioned. It is not possible to track all messages in a channel. 

This is an interesting use case though. You could make a features suggestions on the Microsoft Teams feedback portal on UserVoice.