Tab app for Sharepoint home page fails

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I am trying to add a custom tab app for the Team's SharePoint home page, following this advice

and also some posts scattered through these forums. The app installs along the left rail, but I get the following error: "There was a problem reaching this app". When I make a website tab within a channel using the json's contentURL, it works.


I copy my json file from the app, replacing my tenant by xxxxx. I added the extra domains based on a post I found, but that did not help. If anyone can see the problem, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.


"$schema": "",
"manifestVersion": "1.6",
"version": "1.0.3",
"showLoadingIndicator": true,
"id": "75d70f18-fec9-405f-98b4-f7676eedae7c",
"packageName": "com.xxxxx.home.testClass8437",
"developer": {
"name": "Steve Frank",
"websiteUrl": "",
"privacyUrl": "",
"termsOfUseUrl": ""
"icons": {
"color": "color.png",
"outline": "outline.png"
"name": {
"short": "Home testClass8437",
"full": "Sharepoint home page for testClass8437 team"
"description": {
"short": "Home landing page at team Sharepoint site",
"full": "Home landing page for team testClass8437 at the associated front page for the team's Sharepoint site"
"accentColor": "#FFFFFF",
"staticTabs": [
"entityId": "HomeTestClass8437",
"name": "Home",
"contentUrl": "",
"websiteUrl": "",
"scopes": [
"permissions": [
"validDomains": [
"webApplicationInfo": {
"id": "00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000",
"resource": ""

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@Steve Frank - I could see from the json in webApplicationInfo you have added the id as shown in the document, Could you please try adding your app id: 75d70f18-fec9-405f-98b4-f7676eedae7c? Try if that helps

Thanks, @Nikitha-MSFT

Have not been able to get a tab to load to a simple external website or SP. I did find that one needs to load the Teams SDK in the external site, which was not mentioned in the original tutorial. For a plain external website:

and for SP

but I still was not able to get even a simple external web page to load in a custom app tab.



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@Steve Frank - Could you please set "showLoadingIndicator":  to false in the manifest? 

@Nikitha-MSFT: Setting "showLoadingIndicator": to false worked. Thanks so much. Steve
Hi, I had same issue and disabling loading indicator helped. I'm curious about the root cause. Is there any more information available why loading indicator isn't working and if it is a side-effect of some bigger underlying issue? Just want to make sure that I have everything correctly set up.
As there is no scope of adding code for SharePoint site app, cannot use showLoadingIndicator.
If showLoadingIndicator is enabled, you must handle other steps to make it work. Here is the reference:

Thank you @Subba_Reddi_Tummuru for an explanation. I found the instructions in the reference very helpful.