SSO using Teams account information.

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I created a TAB that uses the same login account as the one used by Teams.  How can this website get the account information for Teams?  The process is rough as follows:

I --> login Teams --> access Tab(website) --> Tab(website) access Teams account -- > auto-login Tab(website).  

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@xwl-intl Please go through implementing SSO for Tabs. Here is a sample manifest that you could directly upload inside Teams to see the experience with SSO.


Thank you very much. I downloaded the microsoft-teams-sample-auth-node and tested it. This is a very complicated example. In addition, can silent/simple be used in the iframe website?

@xwl-intl The sample that you have downloaded does not use SSO. It will still ask the user to sign in. Here is the sample you need to use if you want to pick up the user details from Teams client signin. What do you mean by iframe website? This auth sample only works inside Teams.

I mean the Tab I created is an iframe website. I'm also this iframe website developer. Can the iframe website use SSO to access Teams account information?
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