Small icon for Power App uploaded to Teams


Hi everyone I've just uploaded a Power App to Teams for the first time and I have a slight issue with the way the icon looks once it's in Teams.  In my app settings the icon size looks normal:



However, when I add it to Teams, the icon looks really small:




Is there anything that can be done about this?  It's not the end of the world but it would look nicer if the icon on my custom app was the same size as the other app icons in Teams.

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@gcjuw84 - could you please provide the proper size to the icon. please check this docs for more info.



Thanks for the link but I've had a look and can't seem to find anything about the icon size for embedding in Teams?  Just for clarity, the icon I'm using isn't a custom icon, it's one of the standard out of the box icons that you can add to your app in the app settings screen in PA.

@gcjuw84 -Currently the uploaded apps icon is smaller. This is by design. Please find the below screen for reference 





Thanks for your reply.  For now I'm getting around this problem by exporting the Power App but then replacing the outline.png icon with a custom 32x32 image.  This looks a bit better as the icon is more like the size of the other Teams app icons.

Hi @gcjuw84 - I tried this work-around but the image doesn't load.... Have you experienced this as well? It's a 32x32 image in my second screenshot. Any help is appreciated!