Skill Dialog Bots and Update Activity




In a dialog-root-bot and skill-dialog-bot implementation, if my skill-dialog-bot shows an adaptive card and the user has already acted on the presented card, I want to update the card with either a 'text' message or a card to avoid the user from interacting with the previous card again.


My dialog-root-bot's WaterfallDialog definition is as follows


.addDialog(new WaterfallDialog(WATERFALL_DIALOG, [


In finalStep, I check for the results from the skill-dialog-bot and determine if I need to update the activity and present the next card or message.  In the following snippet, I replace the previous card with a new card


const details = stepContext.result;
const conversationId = details.conversationId;
const activityId = details.activityId;

const nextCard = stepContext.context.activity;
nextCard.value = null;
nextCard.text = null;
nextCard.type = ActivityTypes.Message; = conversationId; = activityId;
nextCard.attachments = [details.nextCard];
await stepContext.context.updateActivity(nextCard);


What happens now is that even though the skill-dialog-bot has ended the conversation, the line "stepContext.context.updateActivity(nextCard)" will again pass control to the skill-dialog-bot.  


Is there a way to prevent that?


Thank You

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@voonsionglum - From the code i could see that you are using await for final step, it will update the card and return the dialog. Could you please use return instead of await functionality?

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@Nikitha-MSFT updating to await for final step did not produce the desired results.  Anyway, we reviewed the dialog logic and have decided to take a different routing approach.  Thanks for your help!