Sharing Screen & Annotation during a Teams Meeting

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Hello Dears,
Is it possible to participants to annotate on the shared screen during a Teams Meeting?

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We are looking to see if you upgrade from Basic MSTeams if that has annotation features.


@Mohammed_Al-Baroodi Or add text boxes through the developer tab into your PowerPoint to type into

This is very much needed feature. Though I have corporate user of office 365, i am forced to use zoom due to unavailability of this feature in teams. 

Agree, the only reason i have not switch from zoom to microsoft team as a online educator is the lack of the screen annotation feature. 

Really needs to have annotation to effectively compete with Zoom.

@DAmmar2370 - if you want to annotate whatever you're displaying, then my suggestions is DON'T USE TEAMS until MSFT fixes this issue.

Zoom's solution works really well, Webex less-so in my experience.


Whiteboard apps simply don't fix this problem except in the case where you want to use, well, a whiteboard. It doesn't let you mark-up something you're working on.


Microsoft really needs to fix this - I simply don't understand how they've missed this!

@SE_TCH I agree with you.

Whiteboard works if you're working on a fixed sketch/design/blueprint but if you're looking at code repos on a shared call and want to highlight a function without describing the line and number of characters to the right, as an example, it gets frustrating.
Try software customer support where you're trying to bring attention to a certain checkbox/textbox/some other control where there are multiple instances on the page, 5 minutes later you've managed to describe what you're talking about. (Exaggeration)
Insert infinite other examples here....

Zoom works really well as does Slack, and it should be a basic feature.

We're trying to resist using Teams until this has been added.

Unfortunately without the ability to import an image or images the whiteboard in Teams is seriously lacking in functionality.  @adam deltinger 

Just imagine it being 2021, the whole world has had an entire year of remote work and conference calls, and have a web conference product that still doesnt support this.

I am amazed their own internal msft userbase isnt demanding this... maybe they dont work collaboratively?
please can you add the annotate feature!!!!!!! many clients don't want to use zoom because of the perceived security issues
Really need annotation for training and supporting clients on our Power BI apps! Everyone's experience is degraded without the visual cues and much time is wasted orienting the user/group verbally. Will make all the difference :)