Private channel creation in a multi geo tenant

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Consider this: we create an O365 group via the Graph API (application permissions) where the geo location of the user creating the group is taken into account (e.g. Europe is the central location, North America is the satellite location). See the docs on multi geo tenants. We then make a MS Team out of this O365 Group.

When we create a private channel using the Graph API (application permissions), a new SharePoint site collection (SC) is created. Will this new SC be created in the same location as the SC of the Team the private channel was created in ? I'm assuming it is as it makes the most sense. I'm also hoping it is as it is a customer requirement, but hard to verify for me personally. Is there someone who can share their knowledge on this ?

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Yes! The site is created in the same geo as the parent Team!

This can also be verified here under “SharePoint sites”

Thank you very much!