MS graph API to get list of Attendees

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Hi team,

I have successfully get link to create onlinemeeting. Now I want to get list of attendees. please tell me what API I need to use for that. I tried give API but My Create meeting API returns VideoTeleConferencingID as null and AudioConferencing also null. I want to implement it in mvc c# project. I am using MSG graph API

please guide me.

Thank you

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You need to create the online meeting using create online meeting. In the response you will receive the meeting id , by using that meeting id you get get the meeting details by using GET

@Varaprasad-MSFT I have tried what you indicate and only the members initially configured in the creation of the meeting are obtained. However, we need to get the users connected to the meeting or get the attendance report that currently has teams available by user interface. Is there any way to do that? 




I tried to retrieve the meeting information with participants invited to the meeting but not registered, but the json reports empty attendance, Does it only work for attendees with Teams accounts?



Any progress in this matter? I have a similar issue where i need to get the attendance for a OnlineMeeting. I've also seen that the "GetMeeting" response only contains info that was added when the meeting was created and no "real time" information or information that gets populated when the meeting has ended.