mobile and desktop app compatability issues

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through using remote desktop as we must work from home during covid, i have to take all teams calls through my phone as my computer and it's microphone and camera are at work.


i have two major issues with teams:

1. unable to answer calls from teams on mobile/divert calls to mobile app. all calls go to my computer app which i have to decline then call them back from mobile

2. unable to talk on teams on mobile app while presenting a screen from work computer
teams makes the other person choose whether to place my voice call on hold or my shared screen on hold. can't do both.

please address these issues in next upgrade!

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@ipeppard - Thanks for Reaching out us. we have forwarded this to right team.

@ipeppard -

Currently single user should be able to join on multiple devices, share and talk from either devices without being on hold

Could you please share your OS version?