[MacOS] MS Teams organization application does not display the "Version" and "Published by" info

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We are developing an app for Teams.

For one specific user the "Version" and "Published by" field on about tab are empty.

The user is using MacBook Pro (Retina) with OS version 10.15.3 (Catalina).

Other mac users do not observe this issue.


Here is the screenshot:IMG_0223.PNG


What we have already tried:

  1. Unistall organization application -> Sign out from MS Teams -> Sign back -> Install organization app
  2. Uninstall organization app -> Uninstall MS Teams -> Install MS Teams -> Sign in -> Install organization app
  3. Uninstall organization application -> Build new manifest package -> Upload it as a custom app

None of these steps has helped.
Can please you suggest how can we solve this problem?



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Hi @vtyagunov Taking this for internal discussion with team, I will update you with resolution.

Hi @vtyagunov, I have raised a bug for this issue and concerned team is working on it. 

Hi @vtyagunov, Could you please share the logs so we can try to figure out what the issue is?

Hi @vtyagunov - we are not able to reproduce this issue with either global catalog, organization catalog, or sideloaded apps. Are you still seeing the issue on your end? If so, can you please share the app package that you are seeing this problem with?

Hi @vtyagunov  -If you're still facing the issue please share the app package that you are seeing this problem with?

Helllo @Mamatha-MSFT, I checked with the user faced such a problem.
After the last update, the problem is no longer observed.

Thanks for help and replies!