How to get the token in order to call users/ME/conversations/{conversation_id}

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We are working on some Teams use case where we need to update the channel message. I have found one of conversation in Teams Developer community and found we can call below API.



But in order to call this API, we need user token. Is there any way to get it?


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@0bs33 , 

I am not sure about the skype API endpoint, but in order to update conversation in Ms Teams you can make use of update conversation thread graph API.


Also please have a look into Graph API for conversation thread  

Thanks @subhasish-MSFT, for your reply, but group conversations and teams conversations are different, though it looks similar in  API signature. If you query for all thread of a group using GET /groups/{id}/threads/{id}, you won't get the teams channel messages. I have tried it.

@0bs33 ,


There is a beta graph API to get all messages in a channel.

End Point: /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages.

Hope it helps.