Deep-link call in MSTeams custom app works on desktop BUT FAILED on iOS and Android

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Hi All,


Our application provides the facility to make call between contacts.

To start communications, we have used deep links.

These deep links are working fine on desktop and chrome clients.

But when same application is running on iOS or Android, It always fails.

users to make deep-link call

I also tried by converting it in small characters but same issue persists.


When start executing deep link, It displays avatar and display name correctly in desktop application when call is working fine.

BUT when call is failed, it displays avatar and known user.


How can I fix it?

Please suggest.

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Hi @Raju_Panwar,
A bug has been raised for this and concerned team is looking into it.



Currently, deeplink to call is not supported on Teams mobile devices.

Create deep links - Teams | Microsoft Docs





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