create a teams which consume existing web application

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Hi all,


I am starting using teams app develpement platform. I went trhough all the tutos in order to create an app which consume and join content of an existing content in my organization. 


I tried deeplinks but they allow open the application in the browser. The goal is to open the business application in teams application without using external browser

Any one has a tutorial to do so



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@anesbelhadj, Need to understand your scenario, Do you want to integrate Bot in your application?

You can bring the external web application in Teams Tab. Please take a look at Building custom app within Microsoft Teams.


If you want to just open your application within Teams , Tabs are one of the options.

You can start building teams app using App Studio


Thanks for your replay.


The scenario is to open existing application in teams tab without using the browser. My application needs to access to microphone to register a message but when I try to use website app configured with my application URL the tab does not have the device permissions. so my idea was to create an app and provide these permissions in the app manifest. 

Actually, I do not found a tutorial or a lab which can help me for this scenario



@anesbelhadj, Check this Documentation for the device permissions. This should solve your query.