[Bug] HTTP response code is 200 when it should be 413

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When I send a big enough JSON payload to an incoming Teams webhook, it returns a 200 with the response body stating that it is a 413. This is a strange design decision.
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@AvineshwarTexas ,

We are not able to reproduce this. Can you please share the sample json with us.



It is a bit sensitive so I won't be able to share the payload. Also, there isn't anything special about the schema as well as the populated version of it does contain private information. That said, the entire JSON payload i.e. the populated schema (which I would POST to the incoming webhook) is ~250 bytes (calculated using sys.getsizeof() in python3.7) which I was able to capture in a debugger session using PyCharm (uses pydev)





Does that help?.

@AvineshwarTexas ,


So you are getting this error messages for 250 byte size of payload. That is strange.

I am not able to reproduced this with large size of JSON data. I am discussing this with internal team and will get back to you.  


So, I just want to reiterate that the problem isn't about the size of the payload. Actually that payload which I am trying to send is ridiculous and should be rejected by the upstream. The problem is in the way API responds to it.


Btw, it is the following type:

"@type": "MessageCard"


@AvineshwarTexas ,

I have tried sending a message card type payload, but I am not able to reproduce the same. So please provide a sample card json which we can try out at our end.