Broken Links in Teams community page

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Raised this on uservoice. Would vote to push up the agenda

Have also raised directly to product and engineering Teams to fix

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Thanks, upvoted that, but it's strange we have to collect votes for something like this.
It's not a question, I just reported a problem on here and if Teams developers don't visit this part of forum then I think I'll contact a community moderator since it's more related to the community page itself and not the Teams software.

The product Team will pass it onto those who manage the page here on TC and they will make the updates :D Raising a uservoice covers it from an internal perspective at Microsoft - and I like to cover all bases :D

Best, Chris

this problem isn't solved yet and the issue still exists.

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Hello @HotCakeX   Many of the team took some well-deserved time off last week, so your post was not seen until this morning.  Please try the Chalk Talks link again - I tested it and it works for me.

yes, it's solved now,
one of them got removed and the other one got fixed.
Glad it got fixed. If you need anything else like that let me know and I'll raise it :D

@Christopher Hoard 


there are actually problems that are affecting me and other people that I know, 

I've talked about them here. is it possible to raise them?

I'd be happy to provide additional details.