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Anybody know how to authenticate from a Teams channel to Azure to view Dashboards or is Power Portal a better option. Just what the user in Teams to have more details when talking about a client.

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You could just use a web tab set to to bring up the Azure portal within the channel. You would need to authenticate with a set of credentials provided by the customer. If you were granted a reader role then you could review the Azure environment without being able to modify it

Hope that helps

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@Christopher Hoard 

So that would also embed the credentials or would the users have to retype it each time. The main reason is i want it to be displayed all the time on the tab or they just wont bother looking at it.

Power BI would be the better option and if your pulling internat data from the Power BI Gateway you can configure SSO. If your just wanting the built in Azure dashboards i would take a look at what a Power BI designed Dashboard can produce , heres a MS lead Git Project that has some nice information that you can get from a clients tenant.



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