Automatically Add app to each Teams meeting

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We have an in-meeting app, which is to be added to all Teams meetings. Presently the meeting owner has to manually add the app everytime he/she creates a meeting, is there a way to make an app added by default to all Teams meetings?

Alternatively is there a tenant wide api, which we can query to know when any new Teams meeting is created so we can programmatically add our custom app to that meeting?

Any pointers would me much appreciated.

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Hi @Kuldeep Desai Thanks for reaching out us. Currently there is no such feature available. we recommend you to raise a Teams UserVoice. here  if needs to be consider as a future request.

Thanks @Chetana-MSFT , is there any graph api which we can use to know when a new Teams meeting gets created tenant wide? We don't want to monitor individual mailboxes, rather if there was an api which we can periodically query or a web-hook that gets fired every-time a new teams meeting is created.

Hi @Kuldeep Desai There is subscription graph api to get notification when changes to all events in a user's mailbox. Please go through this docs for more info.

Hi @Kuldeep Desai Could you please let us know if your issue has been resolved.