Add custom entry to MS Teams chat context menu without MS Teams bot

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Hi everyone,

we currently developing an MS Teams Tab App and we trying to find a way to add custom entry to the Microsoft Teams chat context menu:





So far our investigation shows that we always have to use an MS Teams bot. In our scenario this is at the moment not an acceptable solution. Is there any other way to add a context menu entry in one of these menus?

Kind regards

Sebastian Dreier

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You are correct. Adding items to the context menu is done via a Teams Messaging Extension of the type "action command". See for full documentation.

Messaging Extensions in Microsoft Teams is built on top of the Bot Framework Invoke command, therefore you need to use a bot for this - however, you don't have a bot experience in your Teams app.
Adding custom entry to the Microsoft Teams chat context menu is supported through Teams Bot.
I don't think there is a direct way to add entry to chat context menu.
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