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Hi, I am a tutor at an Fe college managing several teams or classes of learners.
How do I determine or generate a report to find out how long each learner is spending each week logged in to Microsoft Teams ?
This can easily be done in Onefile or Moodle shows hours and minutes of logged in time...
Appreciate the help on this one as we see a safeguarding issue if we cannot know this information.....
Thanks Dave
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@Spectrahue , We don't have this feature inbuilt in MS Teams. You can raise a uservoice here to consider for future releases.


Hi this is a big Safeguarding issue for students in Microsoft Teams that seems to have been overlooked ?

In the app INSIGHTS there needs to be a report option for the amount of time a learner has spent online in Teams .

This could be shown as either weekly , daily , monthly dependant on what the tutor wishes to drill down to and this needs to be initially as an overview to the whole class / team ...

To date OneFile and  Moodle have this Report Option and it is used extensively to evidence attendance online either remotely or guided as well ensuring the safety of our students while online and making sure they aren't doing work when they should be resting.


At my college Stephenson College in Coalville this is an immediate concern and it would be appreciated if this custom report could be added into an update.


appreciate your time


kind regards David Nicholson Lecturer Engineering:stareyes: