WinObj v3.01

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WinObj v3.01

This minor update to WinObj fixes a crash on exit.
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it still crash on 'Restricted' though2021-03-01 14_53_36-WinObj - Sysinternals_ (Administrator).png

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Can you please fix Process Explorer? Status bar displays "paused" when we press pause sometimes twice, sometimes in place of physical RAM or other value, sometimes not at all, so difficult to know if that task manager is paused. Also can you add feature so that it automatically pauses when in background or minimized, so it uses less CPU? So I want you to fix status bar, where various values disappear, or appear or get corrupted, and ability for autopause, hope you understand.

Can you please fix this blog? There have been no entries about Process Explorer since 2019 yet the latest release of Process Explorer is from 2020. 

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@RossPresser  They are there but the filter doesn't find them. The last one is 28 4 2020.


@DavidMars Thanks. That does help.'Restricted'
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