More NFC card reading accessories released for Surface Go
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As a fan of Surface Go, I sometimes get asked about a little-known capability: Near field communication (NFC), the technology behind card readers. Even though we have only limited support for NFC, a growing number of third-party solutions now take advantage of the card reading capability.




All Surface Go for Business devices1 are equipped to utilize greater third-party support for passwordless authentication.  Azure AD now supports FIDO2 security keys as an authentication method for signing into operating systems, applications, and services. Organizations can issue these keys to everyday information workers.


And we see more innovations in the marketplace that build on the NFC capabilities in Surface Go: 


AuthenTrend Technology ATKey.Card

Our friends in Azure recently partnered with AuthenTrend Technology in using its ATKey.Card Smart Badge type security card with Surface Go 2. To learn more, check out the following Ignite session:


Go passwordless Hands on Tour in Azure AD.png



Imprivata OneSign

The increasing use of Surface Go as a shared mobile device in health care settings means protecting personal medical information has never been more critical. To meet this challenge, Imprivata OneSign provides an NFC solution that enables health care providers to simply tap their badge (instead of typing a username and password) to access the device and applications, which protects private health information with minimal disruption to the user.


 "There's tons of sensitive data on these devices that need to be secured but protecting these devices can't be disruptive for the end-user clinicians focused on patient care,” Imprivata explains in the following video. The "seamless process gives them access to that tablet without having to enter a username or password or put a call into IT because they forgot those passwords."


Seamless access to Surface Go Tablets with Imprivata OneSign.png


The Joy Factory aXtion Pro MPA NFC for Surface Go

This waterproof case features an NFC range extender for use in health care settings.  Infused with an antimicrobial agent to help prevent bacteria and mold growth, the military-grade certified aXtion Pro MPA for Surface Go features a built-in rotating module with a hand strap and non-slip kickstand. To learn more, see this short demo: 


Joy Factory aXtion Pro MP.png


For more information, including an FAQ, check out NFC support in Surface Go for Business - Surface | Microsoft Docs




1. NFC is supported on commercial versions of Surface Go: Surface Go for Business, Surface Go 2 for Business, and Surface Go 3 for Business.


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