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This is a diagram in the Hub2 device shop. It shows 4 hubs mounted on a wall, working together... see attached pic. I have 4 hubs in my organization. Can I do this?  I would love to do a co-join where the video is on one screen, and the content on another. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Hello @a_bro_,


Stacking up devices like in the presentation is not yet available. However, Surface Hubs can be configured to work in tandem during a Teams meeting and display different information from the same meeting. This is called Coordinated Meetings and can be used with other devices as well.


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Coordinated join is a great idea. I tried it a year ago. I found it a little underwhelming. That is, it showed the same content on both devices. so at that point, I could not see an advantage. Has it improved? There are some obvious scenarios, split videos/ split video and contant, but I could not see any functionality to do this.
We can have a look at the configuration and work it out, I'm sure. Would you mind opening a case with Support to check?

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