A new Surface Hub template is available to customize your Surface Hub’s Meetings Auto-Response!


Hi all!

We created a new template for you to leverage and my awesome colleague and Surface Hub technical expert @Yoav Barzilay has written a blog post on it! Check it out and deploy it to continue increasing usage of your devices.


Customize your Surface Hub's Meetings Auto-Response


Btw, we'll have new "A Surface Hub Tour" app updates coming up next week. Stay tuned!


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Thanks @Nydia Cavazos and @Yoav Barzilay! Love the new template. We're going to look to update ours based on this design.

@Nydia Cavazos This is great as I've been looking to create something like this for my company, however, we are using Teams on the Hubs. Can this content be recreated for Teams instead of Skype?


"A Surface Hub Tour" app was removed from the Store and the factory OS image for Surface Hub before Surface Hub 2S began shipping. Not only did the app itself require updates but the backend service driving it also required updates. Now that the Tips app is available within the user experience, customers are recommended to use that.

Hi, @Nydia Cavazos , the link below no longer works. Would you be able to share the steps on how to customize meeting auto-response?


Hi @joe-vieto ! I haven't worked on this product since 2018 so I'm passing this question to the amazing @Yoav Barzilay