Surface Book 2 USB-C port keeps disconnecting

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Good day, please can someone assist me? I have had my Surface Book 2 for just under 2 years and have always used a USBc to HDMI adaptor so that I can work on a second screen as well. Very recently it started disconnecting every minute or 2 making it impossible to utilise my second screen. I have changed monitors, cables, even adaptors but the problem persists. I used my earphones in the port and that also disconnects frequently. Does anyone know what might have caused this and how I can fix it?? Please assist. 

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@GiselleHanekom detach and attach Tab. it should fix the issue. worked in my case

@Ram2469 Thanks for this mate, it was exactly my problem as well. To confirm I pressed the detach/attach dock button on the keyboard. It actually then indicated it was now attached, so this was definitely the issue. I detached it fully then reattached it and now I don't have this issue. 

^Thank you so much. I tried all the updates, new cords etc but just this simple act fixed it. I would see possible fixes suggested and the same ones listed, Your fix, the one that worked, was not mentioned anywhere. I'm so grateful I came across this post. Just wanted you to know how helpful you were and to thank you for posting this.