Azure Files NFS now in preview

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Heya folks, Ned here again. Azure Files isn't just SMB anymore, we now offer NFS 4.1 as a service! Extreme high availability & durability, full file system semantics, AES-256 encryption at rest, it will do 100K IOPS & 80 Gibps throughput. More info at: 


NFS 4.1 support for Azure Files is now in preview



Get started with your first NFS share here.


- Ned "Azure Files isn't just for SMB anymore" Pyle

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Hello Ned,


Sorry to post something totally unrelated, but it seems Windows Admin Center 2009 breaks Storage Migration Service.

When creating a new job, then entering credentials, you get "remote exception : a parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'IncludeDFSN'" error message.


It works fine with WAC 2007. Too bad you cannot download earlier versions from Microsoft Donwload Center...




@Alban1999 Thanks for reporting this we have a fix coming to the feed asap. 

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@Ned Pyle Applied the fix, and Storage Migration Service is back on its feet ! Thanks for the quick response Ned !

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Hi @Ned Pyle  Will this be coming to Azure Container Instances any time soon?  The lack of symlink support in the current SMB Azure Files for ACI really stinks.

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@Ned Pyle Any idea if/when we can expect NFS support to come to Container Instances? We desperately need NFS support as SMB just isn't cutting it.


@evon3 @RobotBen I don't actually know, let me ask the Containers team and get back to you (Sorry I missed your earlier same question, Evon3). 


@evon3 @RobotBen Back with answers/suggestions from the Containers team:


1. They don't have a current date to share for NFS client in Windows container support. They definitely encourage you to give them direct, specific feature requests at so they can add it to their roadmap Windows Container Roadmap (

Some advice: I suggest telling them about how much of your business they are losing here, rather than just stating you want it, like most customers do. Nothing moves a PM's planning more than specific instance count or potential revenue missed, when they are balancing a gigantic pool of requests with a much smaller set of dates and coding resources. 


2. I hear you on the SMB container story (I own SMB, as you probably know). Because of how containers work, there are a lot of pieces missing from the usual client capabilities. I don't see any open github requests or roadmap items for symlink support, I definitely suggest filing one. SMB supports symlinks, hardlinks, junction points, reparse points, etc. so this is a specific limitation of the container SMb client; it may have started off intentionally as a security boundary, now is the time to start telling them you need that functionality so we can explore it. Same advice as above.


@evon3 I actually have a few more questions about your SMB issues, would you mind DMing me? They involve talking about your organization in specifics, so I'd like to stay off public comments.  

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