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Hi Experts,


One of our customer raised the below query:

We are in progress to onboard a client with Skype for Business cloud PBX system and I have a quick question which I have been unable to find a definitive answer to:

Is there a limit to the voicemail capacity? Their current system is limited to 2 hours which is causing issues as they receive a lot of orders overnight via voicemail and customers are unable to leave messages when the mailbox is full. Ideally they need 4-6 hours at least.


Any pointers would be of great help. Many thanks!!


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The voicemails are stored as mp3 attachments to emails (1 voicemail = 1 email) - stored in user mailboxes - so the limits are very much higher than on a more traditional voicemail platform


Agreed.  The limit is only as high as your mailbox can store, so if you have a user with a 100GB mailbox, they might not be able to store any.  However, much more likely is that they'll have mailboxes with only a few GB and they'll be able to store hours upon hours upon days worth of voicemail.