SRS v2 input lag

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The HDMI input feature of the Logitech SmartDock has quite a lag. We have a pc permenantly hooked up to the smartdock but the mouse movement is very slow and lagged behind. Is there any we can to do to improve this?

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We are actually seeing this same Input lag over HDMI ingest as well. Both with The Logitech Dock and the Polycom dock so i'm not sure its the docks and i think it might be the video processing on the surface SRS os image maybe?


Logitech and Polycom have both been useless to in helping us with this, Microsoft just gave me the forums link. Not sure what else we can try.


we are also having same exact issue with Logitech SmartDock HDMI Input. we've have tried with both Surface Pro5 i5 and i7 to see if it would resolve the issue but lag problem persisted on both.

It is really same that so many users are having this issue and @microsoft @logitech are not doing anything to resolve.
Yeah its actually not just logitech docks, we have seen the problem on polycom docks too) I've had an open ticket with MS about this for months they keep trying to blame the hardware. I'm waiting for a reply from them as they say executives are talking about it...

There is a lot of people having this same problem.

Please see this post on TechNet:


Let's upvote them so perhaps we can get attention.

That post is actually my solutions architect. But yes please up vote MS are being useless in fixing this so far.

So far we tested latency on the HP, Lenovo and Logitech with and without the Flexdock and all have a latency of around 120ms. For our case it makes this devices not usable. We are returning them all.

Did you guys found the solution?

No, we still have 2 SRS running and what we do is to connect the TV direct to the PC to avoid the latency.

I'm not sure how anyone can use this differently, the lag is horrible makes it really counter productive.

Nope after 4 months of back and forth between MS and Polycom/Logitech


Microsoft have said its a design limitation and is working as intended. 


"We have got an update from our product group team that the " HDMI ingest does introduce extra latency due to the process of video capturing and UVC conversion. Per our PRD this process in HW should be less than 100ms. I don’t think the latency of the Polycom dock is significantly longer than others. Some people may perceive the mouse lag, but I’d expect it to be very mild."


HDMI ingest is slower than the actual screen that’s being presented. Hence this is a design limitation.


As per your last conversation with my Technical Lead Sandeep Jadhav, the issue is by design as confirmed by our product group team."


So not sure what we are going to do yet.