Skype for business broadcast report

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Hello All,


we have recently configured this broadcast feature. Broadcast feature works like charm.

we are in hybrid and all users were onprem.


I have couple of question.


1. is there is any way we can find out how many users were watching this broadcast ? i can download reports after the broadcast. is there is any way we can watch it real time.


2. We are trying to get some report on the calls. regarding call quality and attendees sessionès quality, duration and which device they have used to connect.


3. is there is any way can we monitor the call quality in real time. 


 when i generate call list report, i can see logs for the organizer, presenter and moderator. I dont see any info for the attendees. When i tried to generate the user activity report for the attendees. there is no info about the calls.


Any help will be appreciated.



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