PSTN Consumption with PSTN Conferencing. Licensing question


We've just enabled the PSTN Consumption license as we want our PSTN Conferencing users to be able to give out toll-free numbers.

We don't use Cloud PBX so this is PSTN Conference related only.


Can someone clarify:

  1. We need to assign the PSTN Consumption license to each user that is licensed for PSTN Conferencing
  2. Only the meeting organiser needs to be licensed for PSTN consumption for anyone that joins the meeting (staff or not staff) to use the 1800 or dial out to other number consumption based services. Just like PSTN Conference function in general I assume.


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For more details check out my blog on the subject here:


In essence dial in 1800 numbers will come out of consumption billing without being assigned to anyone. If you want to dial out of a conference, then consumption billing needs to be assigned to the person(s) who make the dial out call.



Exactly what Mark said. This caught me out a few days ago. But as i have consumption billing disabled i assigned a toll number rather than a toll free one. All toll free 'charges' for service numbers come out of consumption billing. So if you want to use toll free numbers consumption billing must be enabled for your conferencing users.

Hi Mark,


Great that helps to clarify the 1800. I'm hoping I can report at the user level to pass on the cost.


Just one correction (you might need to update your blog post too) about the dial out. I've done some digging and there is no cap on non-toll free dial-in or domestic dial out conferencing.

Only dial out to international numbers is billed through consumption which explains why i've been able to use this already domestically without consumption billing enabled.


Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing on Technet references an introductory period (which I know is over) and says to refer to the terms.

Skype for Business PSTN terms state:


PSTN Conferencing

There is no cap for the number of minutes for non-toll free dial-in or domestic dial out conferencing allowed for each PSTN Conferencing subscription. International dial out conferencing requires PSTN Consumption. Microsoft reserves the right to (i) restrict and shut down dial-in or domestic dial-out PSTN conferencing to limit abuse and/or fraud and to maintain service performance and (ii) modify or remove PSTN conferencing dial-in number(s) previously assigned to maintain good quality of service.