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Hi All, I'm trying to disable file sharing between internal users and federated users and externals (Skype users). 


While I executed the following PS for regula IM, it works: 

Set-CsExternalUserCommunicationPolicy -EnableP2PFileTransfer $False


Now, I'm executing the following PS, in order to limit the file transfer in conferencing: 

 set-CsConferencingPolicy -Identity Global -EnableFileTransfer $false -EnableP2PFileTransfer $false

But I tried and I still can attach files to the conferencing, so... what I'm doing wrong? Could be that I select the wrong scope or wether I need to wait some ammount of time in order to propagate the policy in the tenant?


Thanks in advance

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I think that the best solution would be to create a new conferencing policy and assign it to all users:


New-CsConferencingPolicy -Identity BlockedConferencingPolicy  -AllowExternalUsersToRecordMeeting  $false -AllowExternalUsersToSaveContent $false

Grant-CsConferencingPolicy -Identity "amos.marble@contoso.com" -PolicyName BlockedConferencingPolicy