On-Premises Diagnostics for Skype for Business Server Are Now Available

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March 31st, 2022 Update: Be sure to check out Joao's comment for an incremental update!  Bug fixes and a few small enhancements.


The NextHop team is very pleased to announce the release of On-Premise Diagnostics (OPD) for Skype for Business Server.  OPD is a collection of diagnostic scenarios, analyzers, rules and insights for diagnosing common issues in Skype for Business 2015 and 2019 on-premises and hybrid environments based on real world support expertise from Escalation Engineers in CSS.  


Getting started

First you'll need to Install or upgrade to the latest version of OPD.  Next, check out the instructions on How to use OPD.  Then determine which scenario you would like to test for. Note that each scenario will have one or more unique tests.  For our initial release, we're offering diagnostics for some of the top support issues for On-Premises Skype for Business Servers: 



Types of tests

Contact List

User contact list is not available


Skype for Business Server deployment best practices analyzer

Skype for Business Modern Authentication is not working

Check to see if TLS 1.0/1.1 deprecation is properly configured

Exchange Integration

Skype for Business Server and Exchange Hybrid deployment integration is not working

Skype for Business Server and Exchange Online deployment integration is not working

Skype for Business Server and Exchange OnPrem deployment integration is not working


Federation is not working (On-Premises deployment)

Federation is not working (Hybrid deployment)


Validate that the Skype for Business hybrid deployment is disabled

IM and Presence problems between Skype for Business and Teams users


Skype for Business Server Performance Check

Response Group

Check if response group usage report runs correctly


The front end service is not starting in Skype for Business Server


In the following screenshot we've chosen the Federation Scenario, here's a little teaser of what this looks like: 



Please go try these in your environments and let us know how it's going by providing feedback to the team.  We not only look forward to your feedback, we need it to make OPD better for you!  We'd love to hear if these diagnostics solved issues for your or your customers' environments, any issues you encounter, and your top 3 to 5 scenarios you would like to see next.

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