Why is a "document library"-property not showing for my custom content type?

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I have a SharePoint list "Customers" and a document library.


In the document library I have added a property "Customer" that refers to list "Customers" (title field).


Now, I can filter perfectly on this new property... That's Great !


But... I have now added a custom Template via a custom Content type for the document library.


I  noticed that the new property in the "document library"... is not available for the Custom Content Type. So, I figured that I just need to add properties in the Content Type.... So I added the same property "Customer" in the Content type...


Now, I can modify the properties of documents (based on the custom content type), so that I can select a customer...




BUT I only see the customer field when Editing the Document properties, I DO NOT SEE the "Customer" in the Document library for the custom content type...




What am I missing??


Thanks !  



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One reason can be that the new content type you have added is "Read Only" and therefore the column "Customer" will not be added to it when you add the column to the library. If that is the case then You can:

Open settings for the Document Library and click on the new Content Type.

Choose Advanced Settings


1 CT Advanced Settings.PNG


Set Read only to "No".

1 Readonly No.PNG

Save the settings and try to add the column Customer to the Content Type. Now You should be able to see it also in the view.





Thanks. That setting seems to be fine....


I do notice that I see Customer 2 times in the Document library Settings… Could this have anything to do with the problem perhaps….





Yes it does. The difficult part is to find out which one to delete :)


I know where they come from.
The top one (customer) is from the template content type:
And the bottom one is the property that I have defined in the Document library...
But obviously knowing this doesn't help me whatsoever….
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Since the Site Column already exists on the Site Collection i would delete both Site Columns from the Document library and then add the existing Site Column again. That way you would be sure of that both content types use the same Site Column.

Unbelievable. This worked. Thanks a lot!

(I would have sworn that I looked in site columns before when trying to add an extra property to the template content type, but could not find "customer" there.)