when I change status to "Closed" in sharepoint List

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When changing status to "Closed" in sharepoint list (or Microsoft List), I would like it to be let closed only if mandatory sections are filled out. 


Is it possible to set in sharepoint list?




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@David Mehr 


What could be command/formula to set mandatory of specific column (say "root cause")in validation column when "status" column changed to "closed"?


@minki241 What is the column/data type of "root cause" column, single line of text or multiple lines of text?

You cannot use multiple lines of text columns in formula (use Power Apps customizations in this case).

If "root cause" column is of type single line of text, you can use formula like below: 


=IF([Status] = "Closed", IF(ISBLANK([Root Cause]), FALSE, TRUE), TRUE)


Note: You have to add this formula under List Validation settings and not column validation settings. Follow my answer given in below post to add formula in list validation settings: List validation if then syntax 

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