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i have a simple list in which i keep track of projects and the amount of hours. The list shows the totals of the hours and amount of money i have to invoice. 


I'd like to have a kind of a dashboard page which shows these totals (and perhaps later some other totals). 


So is it possible to show totals of listcolumns on another page?


Thanks in advance?



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There are no out of the box webparts to do this. I would use Power BI abd embed in the page, you can use a SharePoint List as a data source. You will be a Power BI licence if you don't have an E5 and for any other users who want to view the webparts on that page

@Alan Marshall Hi Alan, thnx for your respond. When you say 'you will be a Power BI licence' you mean i need to purchase a Power BI License?  


I now have a Office 365 Business Essentials license.

@prins063 you would need a Power BI Licence as that is not in the Business Essentials.

Having given it some more thought, you could also export to Excel and then add total row to the table.  You would need to manually update the Excel file when you view it but can still embed in a page using the embed document webpart

@Alan Marshall Thnx, i will give a try. Is the 'manually update' something i can achieve using Microsoft Flow?

There is no data refresh action for the Flow Excel connector.
You could also use a Power App but getting a large list will require the use of a collection and multiple retrievals to get the correct totals
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