Unable to download SharePoint mobile app inside my windows 10 machine

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I have virtual machine for windows 10 which i download inside my windows 7 PC from https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/virtual-machines . now i wanted to test the sharepoint mobile app inside windows 10. so i follow these steps:-


1. i went to the windows store search for SharePoint app, as follow:-


2. i try to login using my work email address (which i use it to login to our office 365 and sharepoint online), but i got that this email does not exists and that i can not use my work email address. so i created a new outlook email address >> login to Microsoft.

3. then i click on "Get" >> and i got that i own the app:-


4. but i can not find the sharepoint mobile app inside my windows 10 VM, here are the list of apps which start with "S"



so can anyone advice on this please?  how i can install sharepoint mobile app inside windows 10?

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If you look at the app support for that app, it's only for Old Windows Mobile and Surface hub. The app is really deprecated and hasn't been getting updates. The only app getting updates for SharePoint is the iOS and Android apps for mobile devices, Windows 10 should be browser access to SharePoint.