Two SharePoint lists - List 1 (Master) to add/update/delete in List 2 for End User

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I would like to set up two SharePoint lists, List 1 will be managed by a team where new entries are added and existing entries are updated. This will link to a separate List 2, which has the most but not all the same columns.


How to I set this update to add new items and update current items? I'm not sure I'm using the trigger in Power Automate, 'When an item is created or modified' correctly...


Many thanks as always! :smile:

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This trigger in Power Automate should work for this, however you'll need to have a "key" of some sort between the two lists, so you can search to see if the item exists in the second list. If it does, you will do an update, if it doesn't you'll need to perform an insert.