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Hello Everyone,


I have a requirement to sync the SharePoint document library content with external users who are not on O365. The external users/organizations will be invited on their respective Business Email IDs. But, These organizations are not on O365 - May be something like domain.


So, If i send the invite to user from O365 tenant for a SharePoint site access - Will the user be able to sync the content of site document library to their local machine/device.


Can you please let me know the options available here.


@Juan Carlos González Martín , @Stephen Rice and @Stephen Rose Can you please provide your suggestions here. This will be very helpful.


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Hi, in order to sync cross tenant, there is a new B2B sync feature that should be rolled out that allows for this. However, B2B requires AzureAD accounts, so using gmail accounts or MSA accounts will not work.

For more information regarding the feature check out this article:

Sorry don't have the answer I'm sure you were wanting.