SPO Modern - filter, search results web parts, connected webparts aka document management?



Today I started working on a POC in a modern SPO environment.

This POC includes several content types for various reasons. To simplify the discussion

- Customer information (address information)

- Documents (with a column customer and a column Type: work instructions, manuals, procedure, HR) 

- Orders (with a column customer)

- Issues (with a column customer)

One requirement is the ability to create a page where to display the latest modified wi, manuals, procedures et cetera per customer.

Another is an overview per customer to display the orders and issues.


Easy peasy I thought. Create a new page and add a filter web part....wait a minute where is the filter webpart?

Okay, different approach: add a refiner webpart and a search results webpart…. ?!?! Where are these webparts.

3rd approach: add a document library with the documents, create a view with only the customer column. Add the same document library again and connect the 2 webparts….!?!?? no connected webpart functionality?!?


Can somebody please explain to me how I need to design/build the above scenario in a modern experience. Thnx!

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Modern Experience does not have the required Search related webparts as in Classic.  You may have to switch back to classic for this. 

Add a search refiner solution as webparts to your tenant. There are a couple in the GitHub PnP packages that will do what you need, they can just be packaged and deployed to your tenant.https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-solutions/blob/master/solutions/ModernSearch/react-search-refin...



Thanks for the response. It is a solution however one of our architecture principles is that we use the order: OOB, Third Party, custom development.

Moving from OOB to Third Party is a huge step and not taken lightly. So implementing a github solution is just not done. Thnx.


IMHO the functionality I need is has been around since MOSS 2007 and was available until SPO - classic.

@Sander Derix Did you ever find a solution to this? 


It is a year later and we delayed moving from Classic to Modern for this reason.  We're trying to modernize our sites so that we are using all OOB functionality, but this feels like our hands are tied.  We can't even add a some small javascript functions to the page (can we reference script files in the template?).