Site is not listed in site Collections

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I have created Site using modern view but it is not listed in site collection.



Where can i find the settings of the site which is created by modern view ?

what is the location and where it stores the data ?


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Bueller? Bueller...?

Go to Try Preview....then you can see all sites. If you need to delete any of them setup by staff, just add yourself as admin and edit members and kick them off and then you can delete.

For now, the new admin center preview has started showing all modern sites created and their summary about storage limit, storage used, etc. Also now give option directly to associate to a hub site or change associations and lot many features.


Do this - Goto O365 Admin Center -> Select SharePoint Admin Center -> Click a message from MS on top saying "Check out the New Admin Center" and you should get what you need





This still dosen't work even with the New and "improved" (LoL) Admin Center for SharePoint. Dealing with this MS stuff has gotten unreal. I can copy and paste the exact URL from the site and it still doesn't find it. For Christ Sake, I'm looking at a SharePoint Site in my web browser that all of our users can see an access and yet the exact same site can't be found anywhere on the ADMIN side! What a nightmare!

@Brian Zavala 


I get the same issues in our tenancy, somehow "classic" SPO sites aren't shown in Sharepoint admin, making it very difficult to manage. How do you upgrade a classic site to modern if you cant find it?

@sagar savaliya I thought I was losing my mind on this one. It is just something that does not work yet I guess?

@Nothinn1 Clicking the Export button on top of the empty 'Active sites' list will generate a CSV containing the sites...

@Morej21 FINALLY!!! Cut and dried... THANK YOU!  A simple answer to a very SIMPLE question!!  Good Grief !!!  At least the answer was out there somewhere (buried, of course - someplace intuitive).  

It's year 2020 now. Any resolution or updates?

@NMenBI'm on the phone with Microsoft support this very minute will post back if we're able to solve the issue!

Looks like we're out of luck sorry mate.