Show only assigned and uncompleted tasks

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I have created a task list and have it displayed in a web part on the front our our IT Department Page.

I want tasks in this webpart only to show if they have been assigned to someone and are not completed.  I have figured out how to show only uncompleted items but am stumped on the Assigned to field.

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Create a view on the list and filter by uncompleted and assigned to equal to [Me]. You can't pick me in the UI filters so you need to go to modify view and add the filters there, old school style.

Thanks for the reply,  I have the show only if not completed part working fine but for Assigned this is what I need.


I have a list of hundreds of tasks that can be assigned to anyone of my 12 Techs.  When I assign a Tech I want that task to now be visible on the web part.   Not just tasks assigned to me but tasks assigned to anyone.    

You should be able to do into the view settings and add the filter

(field name)

is not equal to

(and leave the test field blank)


Don't put anything into the test value - that will test for the field being blank.