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Hi ,


Newly migrated site, when I click on search .. this is the error I get...please advise...


Thanks in advance.Searcherror.jpg

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Please provide the error related to the correlation ID / or ask your admin, only then we will be able to see what exactly is the error related .

If search is not displaying then few things you can do ..
1. Check your search service running fine
2. check whether crawl is running - Since its migrated recently the full crawl is must.

Hope this helps

It would be helpful whenever you post, you give more information. 


  • What version of SharePoint do you have? 
  • Did this use to work, but stopped working?  You mention this is a migrated site.  Migrated from what to what?  
  • Do other sites give this error? 

As has been stated, to troubleshoot anything you need to review the ULS server logs on the SharePoint server to get the specific error message and also check the Event Viewer.  You can also check the Search service topology status in Central Admin to get an idea of the current state. There are a myriad of causes of search issues, and we really need more information before we can provide helpful answers. 


Thank you .. Yes you are right the crawl was not running and I am not able to start it. Any idea?
This error happens when you search anything on the site, In any page.
Its SharePoint 2010 (I mentioned in the # tag)

Good to know you found the root cause .

There are few people succeeded by doing the below steps, please try and let me know, I have also placed the Forum URL for more information.

1) Stop the Windows SharePoint Timer Service
2) Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config
3) Go into the single folder in there that has a GUID type name.
4) You see a whole bunch of XML files and a file cache.ini
5) Copy all the XML files to another folder somewhere (for backup), then delete them but do not delete cache.ini
6) Edit cache.ini to contain just the number "1" in the file - erase whatever is there and replace with "1"
7) Restart the Windows SharePoint Timer Service
8) You should see XML files being regenerated in the folder

Hope this helps!
Hi Thuyavan,

Thanks a lot, it worked :) now we are able to see results but .. it runs for a while and stops, any thoughts?
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